I have been a nature lover, a traveler since childhood. The reason I started taking photos is because of my love towards nature and I’m glad the reason is still the same.
I remember those days when I used to take pictures with feature phones. Whenever I took good photos, I was very happy but I didn’t know why then. Those feelings never can be changed. From my childhood to today I just love to do photography. It makes me feel so refresh like showering under the waterfalls. I think more than that. I can’t explain with my words that.
I am into photography simply because it gives me happiness. It doesn’t matter the genre. I love to capture whatever makes me feel good, whatever surprises me, challenges me. I am just a Photographer. But I am trying everyday to be a better human being. I believe that the most important part of being a great photographer, to be a good human being first.

Junaid Hasan Pranto


photographs illustrate your inner eyes...